5 Steps To Clean Motor Chains So They Don’t Rust

The chain is one of the most important parts of a motorcycle. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to properly care for a motorcycle chain. Thus, it is not uncommon for motorcycle chains to break easily or rust. Therefore the best motorcycle chain cleaner is needed to take care of the motorcycle chain. The following are tips and tricks for cleaning the right motorcycle chain and of course, it’s easy for you to practice at home.

1. Clean the chain only when the motor is ‘warm’.

The heat in question is a condition not long after your motorcycle is used around or used up. This is very important so that the motor chain is better prepared when cleaned.

Do not forget also when cleaning the motor chain, make sure to position it upright by utilizing the centre of a standard motor. If for example, other tools can make your rear motorcycle position even higher it can be used. To make it easier for you to clean again.

2. Use a special spray first to wet and clean the chain.

After positioning your motorbike properly, spray it specifically to wet and clean the motor chain. This spray is very important to make the chain easier to clean from stubborn black stains from oil or road dust.

Well, so as not to wet and dirty the floor, don’t forget to use cardboard under the chain when spraying spray!

3. After that, clean the chain using an old toothbrush.

After spraying with a special spray, continue the cleaning process by brushing all parts of the chain using an old toothbrush. Try not to miss a single part when cleaning the chain, so that your motorcycle chain doesn’t break or rust quickly.

If you have more budget, just buy a special chain brush that looks like the picture above.

4. Continue to wash the chain using running water

Well, if the brush brushing process is complete, wash your chain using running water. But, don’t flush your chain by spraying water directly on the surface of the chain.

Simply flowing water from the hose to the surface of the chain. The closer it is the better so that associated impurities can flow with water.

5. When clean, spray the chain using lubricant

If the chain cleaning process is complete, everything. Don’t forget to dry your chain and after that spray the lubricant directly on the surface of the chain.

Spray the lubricant evenly to all parts of the chain. Again, close the chain using cardboard so that the lubricant does not pollute your floor.

Don’t just focus on the chain when cleaning your motorcycle chain, but also try making your motorcycle sprocket brush too. The reason, this part is most vulnerable to dirty.

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