How To Clean Carpet With Dishwashing Soap

Are you one of the few people who like to install carpets in the kitchen? If yes, of course, you will find it difficult when you have to clean the kitchen carpet so you need to use services rug cleaning sydney. Generally, kitchen rugs are used to beautify the appearance of the kitchen. But without realizing it, like the kitchen floor, your kitchen rug is also very susceptible to oil stains, food stains, and other dirt stains. To overcome this, you can use a kitchen cleaning tool that you normally use every day such as steam cleaners and dishwashing sponges. Steam cleaners can be used to clean kitchen rugs. This cleaning tool is similar but not the same as a vacuum cleaner, but is more suitable for cleaning carpets rug cleaning sydney.

Prepare a special container to mix kitchen cleaning liquid. Mix the dish soap with warm water in the container. Then, pour into the affected part of the carpet. Rub the carpet using a dishwashing sponge. Repeat this way until your kitchen carpet is clean. Finally, use a steam cleaner on the kitchen carpet to absorb the remaining cleaning fluid. Dry the kitchen carpet using a fan. If your kitchen rug is in a very dirty state, you should bring the carpet to a fairly large area and wash it. Use a kitchen cleaning tool such as a special brush to clean your very dirty kitchen carpet. Not only that, your kitchen rug takes 2-5 days to dry completely after washing.

Kitchen carpets can enhance the appearance of your kitchen and minimize accidents caused by slippery floors. Unlike the floor that must be cleaned every day, kitchen rugs can be cleaned at least once in 1-2 weeks. Avoid letting the kitchen carpet in a dirty state for a long time. Kitchen rugs that are left dirty continuously can be a nest of germs and bacteria which is certainly dangerous for your family’s health. But it is suggested to call a professional rug cleaner if the problem persists.

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