People Must Know About Nasal Surgery Types And Consider Their Side Effects

Among various types of plastic surgery, maybe you are familiar with nose surgery. Either aim to make the nose sharp, improve congenital nasal bone disorders that cause difficulty breathing, or even repair damaged nose after an accident. However, before deciding to do nose bone surgery, have you understood the type of nose surgery? Do you also know about the side effects? Aside from that, if you’re looking for a highly-skilled rhinoplasty surgeon near your area, you may go to the best Rhinoplasty in Phoenix.

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Please read the following information:

Surgery to improve nasal function is not always the same, several types include:


Turbinoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to cut or remove turbinate bone from inside the nasal cavity. Turbinates are actually part of the nose with the function to moisturize and warm the incoming air.

However, turbines can be enlarged so that it blocks the respiratory tract. Turbinate bone-cutting surgery will launch the flow of breathing.


Rhinoplasty is a nose surgery that is usually done for aesthetic reasons, improving appearance, or due to breathing problems. You can do this by changing the shape of the nose, modifying the nasal bones, narrowing or enlarging the nostrils, and so on.


Septoplasty is a procedure to repair the nasal septum deviation when the wall separating its cavity into two parts shifts from its midline. A distorted septum condition can obstruct one side of the nose so that later it will disrupt the incoming airflow.


Rhinosseptoplasty is an operation that is taken if the nasal septal deviation is too severe. In other words, it is not enough to be treated only with septoplasty nose surgery.

What are the side effects of nose surgery?

All operations-basically have risks attached to them. However, the side effects of nose surgery may be different from the risks and side effects of other types of surgery, depending on which part of the body is repaired.

Well, for nose surgery itself, some risks that might occur such as:

Nasal congestion, so it will have a little difficulty breathing.
The nose is numb.
Excessive bleeding.
The shape of the nose is not straight (asymmetrical), will only improve in the future.
There is an incision scar on the nose.
Some other effects might appear.

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