Plan Your Vacation!

Planning a vacation to the NYE Beach? Instead of just the same city, maybe you want to see the city suggested by hundreds of readers of ‘Hack Your City’ to just visit or even settle down. Yes, Portland, Oregon is a unique, fun, and comfortable city. Come on, see what the reader says about food and drinks or other things that can be found in Portland.

There are many good restaurants in Portland but they have not been widely discussed. You name it, Urdaneta, Olympia Provision for brunch, Swiss Hibiscus, and others. Alternatively, stop by Salt and Straw or Fifty Licks, and don’t miss tasting the phenomenal donuts from Voodoo Donuts. The city also has a legal sake factory, SakeOne, which can be reached by car an hour to the west.

Curious where do local people gather to drink and socialize? Then come to the following Dive bars: Yamhill Pub, Reel M Inn, Sandy Hut, Low Alis Lounge, Hannigan’s, Lutz, and Spare Room. For gluten-free serving, you can choose SE Portland which has a cool Ground Breaker Brewery brewery, and a cien por ciento cake shop. Plus, the locations of these two places are close together.

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