The Duty Of A Call Center Staff

If your business is growing well and you have more customers, you should consider using call center services. Besides being able to help you deal with customers, they can also have a good impact on your company You can find them at Call Centers near Tijuana, Baja California. Besides being easy, you can also get cheap prices to use their services.

A call center clerk might have a ‘job desk’ but there are some things they might forget, like the following:

Take advantage of the hold button
The hold button is a work colleague too. Never put your phone in front of your chest to drown out your fellow call center colleagues because customers might hear things that they shouldn’t hear.

Transfer to another colleague
If you are transferring customers to another partner, you must know how to do it. You can explain to customers that “The best person to handle this problem is Jessica, so I will transfer you”. If it will take time to transfer to Jessica, make sure you inform the customer by saying, “It will take around three to four minutes to talk to Jessica, so please wait a moment”. Don’t forget to explain customer problems to Jessica so that handling becomes easier.

Keep customers informed
It’s important to train call center staff to give customers a list of what you will do, as well as the period required. Why is this important? Because when you handle problems in a faster period, the customer knows that you are very reliable, and by that time you will have loyal customers. However, if it takes longer than it should, the customer will be angry. If you experience problems that hinder your promised schedule, then call or send an email to let customers know you are still dealing with them.

Deal with angry and abusive customers
First, don’t ever say “Calm yourself” because no one wants to listen and won’t help at all. The thing you need to do is mimic the volume of talking customers like “You have the right to be angry” or “I don’t believe this”. However, the words that come out must be convincing so that customers feel understood. Then slowly, the customer will decrease the volume of his voice, and the call center staff will once again have to mimic the customer’s speaking volume. After the customer is calmer, you can try to keep the customer informed to illustrate how to solve the problem that occurs.

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