The Most Beautiful Coastal City in the World

Who said the city and the beach are two very different things? The proof, some cities in the world combine the atmosphere of the metropolis with a panoramic view of the beach that spoils the eye. One of them is the city of Miami which has a miami villa with a shape similar to the houses in the city.

Some cities in the world have added value because the beach is located right on the outskirts of the city. You don’t need to travel for hours to get beautiful beaches to touch. The site summarizes the 8 most beautiful coastal cities in the world:

Sydney, Australia
Sydney may be synonymous with the Opera House and the ranks of upscale restaurants. But, don’t forget, this metropolis is also located right on the seafront. The city has dozens of beaches and bays that you can enjoy its beauty. One of them is Bondi Beach, where Sydney residents swim.

Barcelona, Spain
Besides being colored by famous Antonio Gaudi buildings, Barcelona also has a white sandy coast, which blends with the clear blue sea typical of Mediterranean waters. Here you not only enjoy the beauty of the beach. The richness of the sea makes Barcelona famous for its fish and fried octopus snacks. You can enjoy this fresh seafood while sitting on the coast of Barceloneta Beach.

Miami, USA
The word Miami must be familiar to you. Imagine, this city is the number one beach destination in America. Since being asked so, Miami then developed into a metropolitan city on the coast with a very beautiful view. In addition to panoramic beaches, you can also see various contemporary art galleries and Latin American villages.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city inside and out. Try to spare one day of your journey to explore the beautiful beach, submerging both feet into soft white sand. You can walk combing the beach, passing Ipanema and Copacabana, watching the modern culture of young people and a line of famous boutiques along the coast.

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