You Should Avoid These Mistakes When You Write SEO Friendly Articles

When using an internal link or external link on the article. There are a number of links that cannot be found. This usually happens because of incorrect link entry, the link url has been replaced or the link has been deleted find more. Events like this will have a bad impact on SEO. It is important to make sure the links are included in your article. Make sure the link can be run and found. Aside from that, you should hire consultor seo if your website rank becomes lower.

Use of inappropriate Anchor Text

The use of internal links on articles is indeed good for SEO values. However, if you use the wrong anchor text it will have an impact on the SEO. Anchor text is the text that contains a particular link.

Wrong anchor text is anchor text that does not provide value to the reader. For example the use of the words “here”, “there” or “this”.

Use the right anchor text. For example, you enter an article link about “Article Writing Tips”. Then use “article writing tips” on your anchor text.

Consider the example of the wrong anchor text:

Internal links are important for your articles and SEO. Why? For an explanation, you can read the previous article to recognize the importance of internal links for your article.

In that example, you can see the use of anchor text placed in the word “previous article”. The anchor text should be placed in “recognizing the importance of the internal link for your article”.

Too many typos

Typo is a writing error when writing articles. This error is usually in the form of lack of letters, incorrect letters or misplaced letters.

After writing the article, it is important to review the article. Or you can use Microsoft Word or Google Docs to write a draft before moving it to the website. In these 2 applications, you can find out if there are typed words.

Notice the example below:

SEO optimization can be done by creating quality content. Quality content can produce good SEO too.

In the example above you can see the writing of the word “quality” that the typo becomes “quality”. What is the meaning of these words? This will certainly damage the image of your article.

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